Montrealers, you are so generous! How amazing is it to see our community support each other. Because of all your efforts, thousands of people will no longer be hungry.

Volunteers worked very hard to pick up from all areas and deliver to those in need. They have gone to thousands of addresses and several organizations received a generous amount of food.

IF YOUR DONATION WAS MISSED, please deliver it directly to the organization closest to you during their opening hours.

*This event will happen on the Island of Montreal which is known as Tiohtia:ke in the language of the Kanien’kehá:ka and is located on the traditional unceded Kanien’kehá: ka territory.

Under the Privacy Act Law within Canada, it is understood that the information you are providing Miracle Montréal is for the sole purpose of registration and management of Miracle Montréal and will not be used or shared for any other reason. Information provided will be maintained to a maximum of one year beyond the event date